First Time Visitor

Welcome to Kidz Junction!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  As a first time visitor, there are certain things that we feel are important that you know about our facility and our programs.  We believe it is important to know this not only about our facility, but we you encourage to ask these questions of other centers you may be interviewing.

What is Kidz Junction all about?

Kidz Junction is a center based child care facility based in Hutchinson, MN.  We have two locations, our main location houses our Infant to Preschool aged children.  Our second location houses our School Age Children (K-12) program.  We strive to meet the needs of all children from all backgrounds. 

How is Kidz Junction different from other centers?

We work hard to accommodate the needs of family's complex work and school schedules.  Along with accommodating schedules, we offer vacation days for each family enrolled, where the family can request a day off from care without incurring cost.  

What is teaching philosophy at Kidz Junction?

"A Nurturing Place to...Play, Discover, Learn"

In order to meet the needs of every growing and developing child, an environment must be created that is nurturing, loving, caring and responsive.  By balancing the daily schedule with small, large and individual activities, this will enable the child to grow intellectually as well as emotional, social and physical abilities. 

A child's job is to play, and through play we allow him/her to invent and discover on his/her own.  Our goals have been developed based on the philosophy that each child is a unique individual with a variety of interests, needs, and abilities.  Through daily activities each child will learn his/her self worth, while also learning the importance of others and respecting his/her individual rights.

What is the culture like at Kidz Junction?

Our aim is to help each child acquire a positive self concept and self control as they establish, apply, and practice acceptable behaviors in a variety of situations. 

Guidance begins with respect for each child and adult and the establishment of a warm relationship with individuals.

Our culture could be summed up as an environment of fun, professionalism, and respect.

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us at anytime for a tour or more information at either (320) 234-7212 or using our contact form.




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