Infant Childcare Program


Ages: 6 weeks to 1 year
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1 teacher for every 4 students

Welcome to the Infant Room at our Hutchinson daycare facility! In this room we make sure that each infant has their individual needs met. We structure our day by the children's individual schedules, keeping in mind there is alot more action going on so their schedules may get off a bit. We fill our day with lots of play, snuggle and giggle time. We help the infants develop the appropriate skills they need to move on to the next milestone of their little lives. During the summer months we do try to take the infants outside for some sunshine and maybe a stroll in our 4 to 6 seat stroller. Parents are welcome to come and visit with their child through out the day.

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Miss Melissa
Staff Photo
Hi Everyone! I am Miss Melissa, I get to enjoy spending time with all the children, because I float from room to room as a teacher. I grew up loving children and decided to go into child care. I pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education from Ridgewater College. I have been working with children of all ages ever since college and wouldn't change my career for anything else. Some of my hobbies are scrapbooking, hanging out with friends and going to church to learn from gods word. I am in my 13th year working in this childcare center. I have had the availability to watch many families, many children grow and learn each year. I have many joyful memories working with the young children and know there will be many more to come.
Ms. Eileen
Hello! My name is MS. Eileen and I am happy to work in the infant room and getting to know all of "our" awesome babies. It is fun to watch our little friends develop. When I hold the babies I think of their futures and the important contributions they will make in the years to come. After a lifetime career in healthcare as a nurse, I retired in early October. My family was surprised that I wanted to work part time at Kidz Junction. When they heard that I would work in the Infant Room they then understood. I have adult children and one young grandson who lives in California with his parents. Kidz gives me the opportunity to get my baby fix in Hutchinson. My husband and I live in our red, pink and brown house in central Hutchinson. I love to read and sing. With no kids in the house my husband and I are dating again (geriatric style). We have a good time on our little road trips, backyard cook outs, and visiting with family and friends. I am very excited to get to know all of you!
Ms Kaity
Hello Everyone! I am Ms. Kaity and I have been working at Kidz Junction since the summer of 2012. I was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, but I have lived in Hutchinson since I was 5 years old. I graduated from Hutchinson High School in 2010. While attending college, I was looking for a job that I could work during the summer and other breaks. That's when I started working here. As the oldest of 4 siblings and 16 cousins, as well as being an avid babysitter since I was 10 years old, it's easy to understand why I immediately loved getting to see so many different children everyday and getting to know each of them so well. I have been able to work with each age group at least a few times, but most of the time I have been with Infants and Toddlers. This Spring, I graduated from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I loved my time up north but I love living in Hutchinson even more. In my free time, I love to read, play volleyball, watch the Packers, Twins and Wild, babysit, and spend time with my family and friends. Getting to know Kidz Junction had made it easier for me to step into the Assistant Director role. I am happy to be here working with all of you and I love getting to know all of the wonderful personalities.
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